Photography by Mike Strong


Thank you for viewing the digital portfolio of Shara Abvabi.  Shara is a young lighting and projections designer originally from Kansas City, Missouri.  She earned her degree in Theatrical Design and Technology at the University of Missouri - Kansas City in the Summer of 2014. Through her years there, she became immersed in a fantastic lighting program taught by Victor En Yu Tan, the graduate professor of Lighting Design at the University of Missouri - Kansas City.  In 2014, she relocated from Kansas City to Los Angeles where she thrives designing lights and projections for concerts, events, dance, and theatre. Currently, she is the resident lighting designer and production manager for the Malibu Playhouse. She strives to continue earning every chance to design she is given and will take  as much pride in her work as she does in her ability to efficiently and effectively collaborate with other designers and professionals.